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As an educator with a background in early childhood development I was concerned about where I was going to place my 2 year old for her first early learning experiences. Would it meet my standards for what I believe is important?

I was pleasantly surprised with the discovery of the Gingerbread House right in my neighborhood! The Gingerbread house is a quaint small center with only 16 children. The philosophy of care supports a natural and safe environment for children to learn. Three years later my child entered Kindergarten ready to learn with a strong social emotional foundation, the ability to ask questions and problem solve for herself and with other other children. An extra bonus was a community of families that grew together, saw each other at the local farmers market and sent their children off to Kindergarten together. The continuity of teachers, children and families were the characteristics that I wanted in a preschool for my child to her support for growth and development. Go by and check it out. You too will be pleasantly surprised.

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Arlene P.

Our daughter and son both thrived at Gingerbread House, even though they have very different interests and personalities.The staff respected their individual needs and helped them learn to work with others. Our children each started kindergarden excited about school and confident in their abilities to make friends and get along with others.

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My son started going to Gingerbread House at the tender age of 2 and a quarter, and now he’s going into kindergarten. Back at the beginning, it used to nearly make me cry to see the care and tenderness the teachers extend to every single child. Auntie Barbara seemed to see deep into those little minds and hearts, and say just the right thing to help them feel right. As my son’s gotten older, I see how well the teachers help the children learn about working with other people, cleaning up cheerfully, exploring new skills, being kind, and having epic fun.

The little house is packed with well-chosen toys, project supplies, and books, and the back yard–also stocked with great, sturdy toys–is graced by two big oak trees that provide dappled shade in the summer and let the light in during the winter.

People who work with older kids tell me they can tell who went to Gingerbread House: the children are relaxed and have good social skills. They also have the skills that come with lots of play: getting along, exploring a new topic, flexibility, curiosity, creativity. I can’t imagine a better preschool.

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Caitlin C.

Gingerbread House is a wonderful place for children to learn, grow and make sweet friends. A preschool run by caring adults who bridge the gap from Mom to school and help prepare children for kindergarden socially as well as through art and fun.?Story time, dress up, Mrs. Henderson the guinea pig, outside play on jungle gyms, painting, yummy snack, etc.

Some children are there 5 days a week from 8:30-5 and others just for a couple of mornings. Either situation, or anyplace in between, seems to work just right for parents and the school.

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Annie C.

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