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Our Philosophy

Why a Play Based Approach

We all want the best for our children.

Skills and self confidence are a direct result of being actively involved in learning. Gingerbread House provides a safe, supportive environment that encourages children’s natural desire to explore new things. Using a play-based, hands-on approach, children are able to experience and explore new things at their individual skill level and build on these experiences as their comprehension and competence increases

The WAY that children develop and learn has not changed simply because of new legislation.The self-imposed rules and negotiated agreements brought forth in play are vital to fostering social and emotional competence. Physical and cognitive development follow a natural rhythm of gaining confidence–taking risk. Lasting skills are built upon a foundation of MEANINGFUL experience…research has shown that children do not develop the capacity to think abstractly until they are almost twelve years old…if it hasn’t been touched, smelled, heard or tasted, it won’t be in the brain.

Play IS learning: Experiential, Active, Self-Paced learning.

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